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Don't listen to us - we think TTB is the best thing since Les Mis - but here's some feedback from parents and students. 

"Just to say a huge thank you, E loved being part of Sister Act !" 

"I can't thank you enough and will always recommend TTB to anyone wanting their child to be involved in performing arts." 

"J has loved all of the performances she has been a part of and is so thankful for the opportunities you have given her and how you have helped her improve as a performer. " 

"Just wanted to say thanks for today, L has had an "amazing" day and loved every minute of it.  The venue was great and the auditorium was perfect.  Thanks for all of your hard work."

"I wanted to say thank you for an amazing performance last night! I can't believe how much the group have improved! Thanks for giving M the opportunity to sing solo; it has really boosted her confidence."

"N has blossomed in confidence since she joined and it's one of very few activities that she's tried that she's stuck with. It's good for her to have things she needs to practice and work at as she's naturally bright and hasn't had to learn that lesson at school yet! I absolutely loved the Christmas concert and the rapport that you and the other teachers have with the kids. Magical."

"We worked with Tread The Boards theatre group on a Shakespeare week project. All of our children from Early Years to Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the workshops that were tailored for the Shakespeare play or sonnet that each year group were studying. Our younger children learned dance and movement with professional practitioners and our children worked on speeches and staging Shakespeare's work. The practitioners from Tread the Boards were engaging, professional and motivational with our children. Each class were excited and learned Shakespeare in an interesting and different approach. We would certainly recommend Alison and her fantastic team and look forward to working with Tread the Boards in the future." 

"Whilst I agree that there is much more competition around I think that TTB offers great value for money for the product offered. From research I can see that the other classes offering similar classes (ie. dance/drama/singing) are a LOT more expensive" 

"Just amazing. C loves every second he spends with TTB. He has made new friends and increased in confidence so much. Thank you to Alison and team for all their caring and hard work."

"Very professional set up. Dedicated to bringing out the best in every child. Amazing effort with regards to writing original show material for the children to perform. I've been very impressed and my daughter just loves it!" 


"My two daughters have been to many hours of quality activities with Tread the Boards. My eldest daughter recently won a school X-factor-type competition. I'm convinced that Tread the Boards was a big factor in developing her confidence to be able to do so. The younger daughter too is rapidly developing her own little personality and her confidence is building, once more, Tread the Boards has helped her towards this.
Both daughters are once again booked in for next term - I know they will enjoy the experience and that they will be safe in the care of Alison and her excellent team."

"We’re very much looking forward to the show as we thought last year’s was excellent!  "

"This is such a lovely supportive and encouraging group. I feel J is getting a lot more confident from coming to Tread the Boards and he really enjoys it. Thank you for being great - so glad I found out about you."

"R was so good in her Christmas play, I was so proud, big thanks to Tread the Boards for instilling great theatre skills!"

"Thanks for the superb work and experience you provide. C has gained considerable confidence since joining and it is such an enjoyable experience for me to see her taking part." 

"Going to TTB definitely helps me a lot with my Anxiety. Thanks so much for everything so far " 

"Thank you so much….Your enthusiasm and encouragement is fantastic.

Many congratulations on your end of term show. The kids all did a great job.